Bettola’s mission is to reimagine what a local, neighborhood pizza parlor can be. And so we gave it some thought and we ripped apart the general expectations and started with a clean piece of paper. We asked ourselves, could we do it with first class ingredients and new, fresh ideas? What if the flour for our pizza dough was flown in from Naples, Italy? What if our ingredients were farm fresh? What if we offered 75% of the menu Gluten-free optional? What if we made different things that you couldn’t get elsewhere? 

What about the atmosphere? Could we freshen things up and take pride in the details? Toss in a bar you’d want to be seen at? Maybe some cool music? Why not? 

And the service…what if we took great care of our guests? What if we made them a priority again?

What if? Well that soon turned into why not? And then we did. Welcome to Bettola.